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    Create your own Sourdough bundle of dreams! Mix & match your favourite Sourdough loaf with your selection of bagels, buns, spreads and more!
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    You can subscribe to your bundle and receive it every week by ticking the Subscribe & Save option. Get 10% off your recurring subscription order each week.

Loaf of the week: Starter

from £7.50 Add to Bundle

The Double Breader (Weekly / Fortnightly)

from £15.00 Add to Bundle

Organic Sourdough Starter

from £7.00 Add to Bundle

Pair of Loavers’ Bundle

from £15.00 Add to Bundle

e-Gift Card

from £10.00 Add to Bundle

The Sourdough Loaver’s Basket

from £23.00 Add to Bundle

Big & Littles Sourdough Bundle

from £13.50 Add to Bundle

The Bread & Bagel Bundle

from £13.30 Add to Bundle

Loaf Of The Week + ‘Sour-Doh Kids Loaf’ Bundle

from £12.50 Add to Bundle

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