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How It Works

Try our 'Loaf of the Week' Subscription Plans, Mix & Match Bundles & receive a different Sourdough loaf (or loaves) every week. Trust us, we know a good loaf when we see one!

Want to give us a try first? Visit our Online Bakery for your immediate bread & spread fix.

Lucy Cleland - Country & Townhouse

“Everyone’s obsessed with sourdough and it’s gobbled up quickly in our house so Good in Bread’s subscription model where it’s delivered fresh to your door (and fits through the letter box) is just genius”.

Sourdough is good for you

Using only natural leavens and slow fermentation to create that wonderful aroma and texture, it's the way we used to make bread hundreds of years ago. And with only 3 ingredients to make the dough; flour, water and salt; authentic Sourdough is 100% natural, lasts longer, and is full of minerals and lower in gluten, making it easier to digest than some industrial breads.

Delicious Sourdough delivered every week

Our subscription plan is a weekly delivery service, bringing you our fresh & delicious Loaf of The Week on a once a week or twice a week basis straight from oven to doorstep. 

Our delivery days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

Flexible & hassle-free

You can place a new order, opt out or amend your upcoming order up to 48 hours in advance. You can choose to receive your loaf either once a week or twice a week. You can add a new loaf to your existing order, or even opt out of next week's delivery, all on the go. 

Packed for easy freezing & storage

We can deliver your loaf pre-sliced and ready for the freezer in a letterbox-compatible parcel so you don’t have to be home. Or if you prefer to slice it yourself, it’ll arrive unsliced in a regular parcel, ready for you to enjoy straight away!

Loaf of The Week: The Seeded 'Eat Pray Loaf'

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  • Organic stoneground flour, eco-packaging, bicycle deliveries

    About Us
About Us

Organic stoneground flour, eco-packaging, bicycle deliveries

Sliced or Unsliced

We love our bread (obviously) and we love to think of ways to constantly improve your customer experience. From the moment our loaves leave the oven to the moment they arrive in your home, we want to do everything we can to guarantee not only their quality but their longevity as well.

For each loaf, we offer different types of eco-friendly packaging options to suit your needs. Whether you want to slice it yourself and enjoy it straight away or prefer it pre-sliced to freeze and enjoy later, our packaging options are designed to help your bread keep fresher for longer. 

Not sure whether to go for sliced or unsliced, freezer or kraft bags? We've put together a little infographic to guide you through your decision.

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