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We bring you the freshest quality in
Sourdough artisan bread
straight to your doorstep

We deliver fresh artisan Sourdough loaveliness to your doorstep on a subscription or à la carte basis, always ensuring that you are receiving not only the best tasting bread but a wide variety of loaves, buns, rolls & bagels to suit every taste in your household.

We are committed to bringing you some of the most delicious “healthy” bread in London.

We believe that, if done the artisan way, Sourdough bread can not only be good for the soul but for the body as well.

Our Sourdough loaves are handcrafted by Sciascia Storey, an independent artisan bakery in West London, who not only use the best organic flours, but use natural leavens and slow fermentation processes to give our loaves that unique and delicious aroma, texture and character.

Check our breads
Check our breads

My name is Emily Caron and I am the founder of Good in Bread.

Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about bread. Half-French/half-American, I was born in Brittany, France, where bread was at the centre of our daily lives. As far back as I can remember, fresh bread was always placed inside a wicker basket in the middle of the table accompanying my family’s meals, 7 days a week, 4 times a day, never forgetting the infamous "goûter" at 4pm.

Weekends were all the more special, as our father treated us religiously to fresh croissants, 2 baguettes to last the family through the day, and the always popular skinny baguette, the Ficelle. Bread was a major part of our lives as it brought our family together whatever the occasion. With boulangeries present at every street corner, access to good fresh bread was a given.

From Father to Daughter

My father built a business in the food industry in France. His career was built on optimising the
production of baked goods to bring the highest quality madeleines, brioches, crêpes and other
specialty cakes from Brittany to households all over the country.

Bread as a category was a universe my father knew a great deal about and shared his knowledge with me growing up. I remember visiting his manufactories, finding great pleasure in smelling the fresh dough as it was about to go into the ovens and watching the finished product come out perfectly shaped and plump on the other side. What stuck with me was his obsession with optimising the process every step of the way to guarantee the highest quality baked goods for his customers.

Emily Caron

Founder Good in Bread

Ok, so you ask me, what was the beginning?

I truly believe there is something uniquely special and comforting about having fresh Sourdough bread available at all times in the home.

I hope that through our company, service and delicious products, we can help make people’s daily lives easier, more enjoyable and just taste a whole lot better!

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