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Bagel Subscriptions

Bagel lovers, rejoice! We've now created a whole subscription universe just for you. Whether you like your bagels plain, topped with seeds or flavoured with fragrant cinnamon and raisins, you can receive your bagels direct to your doorstep in convenient & compostable packaging on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Why subscribe to regular bagel deliveries?

Our little rolls-with-a-hole have that distinctive taste, chewy texture and shiny crust, largely thanks to the way they were made, by which we mean boiled then baked! They are as delicious as they are versatile. They just go with just about everything and taste great toasted or un-toasted. Plus you can freeze them and they will taste just a fluffy up to 3 months later!

Receive your Sourdough bagels weekly, fortnightly or monthly, plus you'll earn Breadcrumb points to spend on more delicious bread & bagels! You can also get free delivery on subscriptions over £9 and receive 5% off when you subscribe.

Our Bagels

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