Back August 7, 2020

The Bread & Cheese Plate, Provençal-Style

The French know a thing or two about a good cheese platter. This summer, I was lucky enough to spend some time in Provence, where the cheese platter was the centre piece of every table scape.

It was heaven on earth! Add to that a chilled glass of rosé, some chunky slices of Seeded ‘Eat, Pray, Loaf’, White Country ‘True Loaf’ or any of our Sourdough loaves for that matter, and you’ve got yourself a proper Smörgåsbord to feed an entire army of bread & cheese lovers. The cheese platter Provençal-style is a well-balanced display of hard and soft cheeses, Kalamata olives, freshly-picked figs from the garden, roasted almond and fresh basil. Some may even throw in some slices of saucisson or a jar of tapenade. There are so many ways to elevate your bread & cheese plate!