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‘Loaf Cuff’ Sourdough Bagels – set of 6

from £8.50 Shop now

Wheat & Rye ‘Labour of Loaf’

from £7.50 Shop now

Multigrain Tin ‘Loaf At First Sight’

from £7.50 Shop now

The Overnight Oat ‘Hearty Loaf’ (Large)

from £7.50 Shop now

One to One Online Sourdough Masterclass With Emily Caron

from £75.00 Shop now

Gluten-Conscious ‘Well Bread’

from £8.50 Shop now

e-Gift Card

from £10.00 Shop now

Loaf Cuff’ Sourdough Bagels – 4 Plain

from £6.50 Shop now

‘Loaf Handles’ Sourdough Brioche

from £7.00 Shop now

Sourdough Ciabatta ‘Loaf Slabs’ – set of 4

from £7.00 Shop now

Nutty But Nice’ Hazelnut & Cranberry Loaf

from £7.75 Shop now

Welcome Bundle: 25% off 1 Multigrain Sourdough & 1 Creamed Honey

from £14.00 Shop now
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