Back June 25, 2024

The Super Green Edit: Our Top 5 Greenest Products

At Good In Bread, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Recently, we shared our insights in a blog post titled 5 Ways to Shop and Eat Bread Sustainably, where we explored how to make eco-friendly choices from flour and agricultural practices to delivery methods. Building on that holistic approach, we are excited to introduce “The Super Green Edit,” highlighting our top 5 greenest products that showcase our dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

1. Linen Loaf Bags

Our linen loaf bags help you keep your bread fresher for longer. Made from sustainable materials, these bags are a perfect alternative to single-use plastic, reducing waste while ensuring your bread stays delicious.

2. Sourdough Starter

What’s more sustainable than baking your own bread? You only need to buy our sourdough starter once to bake your own bread for life! Check out our sourdough starter blog to learn more about how to feed and maintain your starter so that you never have to buy another.

3. Sourdough Bread-Making Kit

Similar to the sourdough starter, our Baking Kit promotes sustainability by enabling you to bake your own bread. This means only packaging and delivery once. Plus, the flour we provide is organic, which is better for the planet.

4. Baguette Kit

This is our most sustainable baking kit as it includes organic regenerative flour! To find out more about organic and regenerative flour, read our blog on 5 Ways to Shop and Eat Bread Sustainably.

5. Discard Crackers

Sourdough discard crackers

Our crackers are made from our very own sourdough discard. Waste not, want not! By utilising the by-products of our sourdough starters, you can enjoy a delicious snack while minimising food waste. We also have a recipe for these crackers on our Instagram, check out the video here.

At Good In Bread, we believe that small, conscious choices can lead to big environmental impacts. Our top 5 greenest products are designed to help you make those choices effortlessly. We also have the option of buying our sliced bread in freezer bags to conserve it better. By opting for our eco-friendly options, you’re not just enjoying delicious, organic bread—you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us on this green journey and make every bite count for the planet.