Back July 16, 2020

No Waste Garlic & Rosemary Sourdough Croutons & Breadcrumbs

I made these amazing Sourdough croutons to add to my soup the other night and left them on the counter to cool down. By the time I came back to the kitchen, the croutons had all magically vanished! I guess someone had them for their snack and couldn’t wait til dinner! This crouton recipe is clearly a winner. Not only are croutons a great way to repurpose your stale Sourdough bread but these fun bread bites can also act as a delicious and easy flavour enhancer sprinkled on top of any summer salad or vegetable soup. It has that gorgeous rosemary, sesame and garlic infused flavour, and a surprising kick to it, due to the pinch of chilli flakes added to the mixture.




Once cooled, your croutons can be smashed with a rolling pin or blended into a fine crumble! These crumbs act as a wonderful flavour and texture enhancer to your: