Back January 12, 2021

In Sourdough, We Crust

One of the many beauties of Sourdough is its morish versatility; everyone loves to enjoy their loaves differently. Some like to enjoy it fresh, tearing off chunks and dunking in olive oil, while others might enjoy it as a toasted sandwich, savouring that crunchy crust. 

Those who prefer their loaves on the crunchier side, might find that the loaf journey from our oven to doorstep makes the crust slightly softer (London can be a wet and humid place!). We wanted to ensure that our lovely customers know that a softer crust doesn’t mean that the bread has lost its freshness. We deliver our loaves within a few hours of them being baked, using sealed packaging for extra longevity. 

However, we understand that some might want their crust even crunchier!

Here are our top tips for reviving your crust just before you tear it open.

For a slightly crunchier crust:

For a charcoaled thicker crust:

For more options on the best way to store your bread to prevent it going stale, see our Top Tips For Freezing.