Back January 12, 2021

In Sourdough, We Crust

Hey there, folks! Let’s talk about the marvellous world of Sourdough and its irresistible flexibility; everyone has their own way of savouring those loaves. You’ve got the fresh enthusiasts, tearing off those delightful chunks and dipping them in rich olive oil. Then, there are those who relish the crispy crunch of a toasted sandwich with that delectable crust.

Now, for those who lean towards the crunchier side, you might notice that our loaf’s journey from the oven to your doorstep can slightly soften the crust. But fear not! We want you to know that a softer crust doesn’t mean our bread has lost its magic. We take great care to deliver our loaves within just a few hours of baking, using sealed packaging to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

But hey, we get it. Some of you crave an even crunchier crust! So, here are our top-notch tips to revive that crust just before you eagerly tear it open and indulge. Enjoy!

For a slightly crunchier crust:

For a charcoaled thicker crust:

For more options on the best way to store your bread to prevent it going stale, see our Top Tips For Freezing.