Back May 15, 2020

Good In Bread Is Your Modern Day Bread Truck!

Good In Bread is your modern-day, eco-friendly, Sourdough bread truck! Our bicycles deliver fresh and delicious artisan Sourdough bread straight to your doorstep, making it a hassle-free experience from start(er) to finish. By becoming a Good In Bread subscriber, you will receive one, two or more loaves safely to your home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It all depends on how obsessed you are with Sourdough.

Every week, we send you a different Sourdough loaf of our choice, always making sure that you are not only getting your fill but also getting to try a wide variety of recipes to suit every taste in your household. From classic country loaf, to multigrain, and multi-seeded, our Sourdough is so good, you will love getting surprised over and over again. 

And we aren’t just all about bread! Well, we are mostly about bread but we also love spreads that compliment our breads.

We have partnered with some of our favourite spread companies supplying you in the best artisan jams, honeys, olive oil, chocolate spreads and more. Visit our Online Bakery for inspiration!