Back June 11, 2020

Good Bread is Good For You!

We believe Sourdough Bread has a truly amazing power, not only because it tastes so unique due to its characteristic sour flavour, but also because, if done the proper artisan way using natural starters and slow fermentation processes, it can actually be good for you! 

Sourdough bread is achieved by the fermentation of dough using natural leaven. Many experts say that the fermentation process in sourdough makes the bread more nutritious and easier to digest. Fermenting flour or wheat is the way we used to eat bread for many centuries. The process of fermenting slowly breaks down gluten, and facilitates more bio-availability of the key nutrients, fibre & minerals in flour that support gut health, and studies have shown that fermenting bread slows down the rate of assimilation of carbohydrates that helps control blood sugar.