Back September 3, 2020

Welcome to Sourdough September!

This month is Sourdough September and we are celebrating the occasion by highlighting 1 benefit of Sourdough per week, along with many tidbits, surprises, fun content & general Sourdough goodness along the way. Sourdough’s benefits are numerous, especially when made the artisan way. This week, we wanted to highlight the number 1 benefit of Sourdough: the unique aroma & texture of Sourdough bread.

Fermenting flour and water is the way we used to eat and make bread centuries ago, dating back to early Egyptians! In fact, it is the oldest form of leavened bread. Some believe it was discovered by accident when bread dough was left out & good bacteria started to creep into the dough mixture. The result? Better taste, lighter texture and that characteristic ‘open crumb’!!!

Keep checking our Instagram & Facebook accounts daily as we will be uploading new fun Sourdough content all throughout the month.