Back August 5, 2021

Waste Less, Enjoy For Longer: Why Not Try Our Freezer-Friendly Bags?

We pride ourselves in offering a high quality artisan product to our customers, which is more delicious, nutritious, digestible & longer-lasting than some store-bought alternatives. We also believe that we provide a unique service, which not only offers convenient doorstep deliveries, but also an easy & low waste solution to make your enjoyment last at home with minimum effort on your part. Thanks to our bio-degradable freezer bags, you can freeze your slices of bread for up to one month and enjoy them as and when you please.

We’ve made it easier than ever for new AND existing customers & subscribers to make this enjoyment last.

Follow our quick step-by-step guide on how to select freezer bags as your chosen packaging, whether you are a new or existing customer.

– As a new customer, all you need to do is select ‘Freezer Bags’ in the dropdown menu when asked what ‘format’ you’d like to receive your bread in. Whether you are a subscriber or an online bakery customer, the choice is there for you!

– As a current subscriber, go to your ‘Manage Subscription’ account. Select ‘Products In Your Subscription’, then click on ‘swap products’. Scroll down to choose any of the sliced options, which include the ‘freezer bags’ option in the menu. The don’t forget to click on ‘Select’ and ‘Save Changes.’

Get started.