Back August 13, 2020

The ‘Nutty But Nice’ Hazelnut & Cranberry Sourdough Loaf

Our ‘nutty but nice’ Hazelnut & Cranberry Sourdough Large loaf is the newest member of the Good In Bread family. It is a delightful and surprising twist on our classic White Country ’True Loaf’, and while the white country features a soft, moist and open-textured crumb, its crunchy fruity cousin comes packed with hazelnuts and dried cranberries, giving it just that little something extra for your breakfast and cheese boards.

Like our other loaves, it was handcrafted using artisan baking methods and the finest organic flours in order to achieve a full-flavoured bread that has been fermented using natural sourdough leavens and a long and cool fermentation. We like to think this gives the bread that unique flavour, aroma and texture. 

Receive it whole or sliced (through the letterbox).

Ingredients (including allergens):

  • Sourdough starter (flour & water)
  • Organic stoneground wheat flour (gluten)
  • Salt 
  • Water
  • Hazelnuts
  • Dried Cranberries


    May also contain traces of other nuts and tree nuts. 

    Approx. weight: 750g

    Care instructions:

    • Pre-sliced: freeze right away in bio-degradable freezer bags. Loaf contains approx 20 slices.
    • Unsliced: keep at room temperature in brown kraft bag provided or in linen bag.