Back June 27, 2023

Sourdough V Granola

The age old saying ‘eat breakfast like a king’ is a bit of a mantra here at good in bread. Bread is always the hero of our breakfast table.

This is Emily’s breakfast of choice. This morning we’ve got some freshly baked sourdough, half an avocado, some cherry tomatoes, radish and some crumbled feta cheese with a drizzle of olive oil. 

Here’s why! #1 it’s delicious,#2 it’s full of goodness and #3, it will keep your sugar cravings at bay through the day!

Whilst another type of breakfast like granola will contain a lot of good nutrients as well, it is worth noting that most store-bought granola is also high in sugar, and for this reason it should be eaten in moderation.

Let’s compare the nutritional facts of Granola versus Sourdough.

For example: for 100g of granola, you will typically get 

For the same quantity of sourdough bread,

You will be adding some ‘clothes’ to your sourdough bread of course, and we love to pair it with something savoury that is full of colour for added vitamins, as well as healthy fats & protein so blood sugar levels remain balanced. 

By the way, a little goes a long way! If the dressing is substantial, you may only require one slice of bread, which means more bread to last you for the rest of the week!

So curb those unwanted sugar cravings and give yourself food for the soul and the body!