Back September 10, 2020

Sourdough September Week #2

Week 2 of Sourdough September is all about celebrating Sourdough’s huge nutritional benefits. When bread is made using natural leavens and slow fermentation, it becomes rich in nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants.

The ancient process of fermenting dough unlocks the bio-availability of key nutrients, such as fibre, plus the minerals that are found in the flour.

This is thanks to the lactic acids present in natural leavens, which lower the breads pH, helping to neutralize the presence of phytic acids in the dough.

Phytic acids (phytates) make it difficult for your body to absorb the key vitamins and minerals as they bind themselves to them. 

This means that…
Lower phytates = increased mineral absorption.

Additionally, the lactic acid helps the breads ability to release anti-oxidants whilst the sourdough ferments. 

This proves that authentic sourdough is better for you as it provides you with all the good stuff that you wouldn’t get from bread that uses commercial yeast.

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