Back July 24, 2020

Our Sourdough Loaf Journey From Start(er) to Finish

Since Launching in May 2020, our focus has been to ensure that our Sourdough loaves are happy from start(er) to finish. Our simple but efficient 4 STEP bake-to-deliver process guarantees not only a loaf that is of the freshest quality but also that will last longer than the average store-bought loaf of bread. 

Before anything else, our Sourdough loaves begin with the Sourdough leaven. This is a mixture of flour and water, which ferments naturally over time. The dough then gets mixed in with this leaven, stretched and folded over a 48 hour period, to finally create that gorgeous bouncy ball of dough, which will yield that characteristic structure and flavour in the final loaf. 

Step 1: Baked in the early hours of the morning, your loaf first rests at room temperature for a couple of hours to cool down. 

Step 2: It is then packed either in a breathable kraft or bio-degradable freezer-friendly bag and placed directly in our boxes to ensure their protection throughout the delivery journey.

Step 3: Your sourdough loaf is then dispatched on courier bicycles all across London.

Step 4: It arrives safely on your doorstep. Then all you need to do is unwrap and enjoy it, either straight away or freeze it to enjoy later.