Back October 2, 2020

Our Partners In Crumb

We are very proud to be collaborating exclusively with Sciascia Storey, an independent artisan wholesale bakery in West London, our one and only partners in crumb! Using 100% organic flours and a slow and cold fermentation process, they provide us with loaves that are handcrafted the artisan way, packed with nutrients, character and flavour, creating authentic Sourdough that is good for the body and the soul. 

We’ve been eager to share this journey with Julian and his team from the beginning, choosing them as our carefully selected supplier. Identifying with their values and ethos around Sourdough bread has meant that we can collaborate together to craft and curate Sourdough loaves for our customers that are loved by everyone in your household. 

One of these exclusive recipes includes our newest addition to the Good In Bread family: our Sourdough ‘hearty loaf’, which is made from soaked overnight oats and provides you with even more healthy nourishment as we embrace Autumn.

Stay tuned for more updates!