Back February 9, 2021

NEW! Sourdough Subscription Bundles

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our new Sourdough Subscription Bundles, so that you can receive 2 or 3 of favourite Sourdough goodies on a weekly basis.
From today, you can opt to receive one of our Sourdough bundles listed below each week, instead of your standard subscription of one or two loaves. These should keep little ones, older ones and yourselves happy with lots of sourdough goodness to choose from!
  • Our Sourdough “Weekend Bundle”:

Once a week, you can receive:
The Sourdough LOTW
PLUS your choice of: Brioche / Bagels / Focaccia / OR a Spread of your choice.

  • Our Sourdough “Family Style Bundle”: 

Once a week, you can receive:
The Sourdough LOTW 
PLUS 2 choices of: Brioche / Bagels / Focaccia / OR a Spread of your choice.

  • Our “Loaf Of The Week + Kids Loaf Bundle”:
Once a week, you can receive:
The Sourdough LOTW 
✓Plus the kid-favourite Sour-Doh Kids Loaf
  • Get your weekly Sourdough bread fix here.