Back October 2, 2020

Fall-ing in Loaf

This week sees the beginning of the Harvest festival, a month that celebrates the act of gathering the wheat, corn and other crops. The word itself originates from the Old English word Haerfest, which literally translates to Autumn, the season of gathering the food of the land.

For centuries, September and October consisted of gathering the food in time for the cold and dry months ahead; a good harvest ensured a well-fed community for the bleak winter months. At the end of the harvest season, a lavish meal consisting of baked breads, vegetable dishes, meats, tarts and ales were consumed, alongside dancing, singing and much merriment! 

Whilst technology and machines advanced, the dependence on the harvest season reduced over each century, yet the significance remained. October is an opportunity to celebrate these old traditions, some of which pre-dated Christianity, as we are all encouraged to focus on seasonal crops and goods that were once a vital part of human survival through these bitter winter months. 

Wheat has been a staple part of our diet for centuries, and in turn, so has bread; the humble loaf that is seen at each meal time and feast. We’re proud of our sourdough and the delicious yet nourishing sustenance it provides.