Back March 8, 2021

Breakfast In Bread For Mother’s Day

Spoil your mum this Mother’s Day with our daily Breakfast In Bread inspiration to suit all your sweet or savoury needs! 

Day 1, Monday: 
We love this classic of smashed avocado on our White Country ‘True Loaf’; drizzled with our Mas Amadeo Olive Oil, some chilli & spring onion makes for a simple but delicious brunch. 

Day 2, Tuesday: 

Our seeded ‘Eat Pray Loaf’ sourdough adds a complex flavour and texture to any meal. Try it paired with salami and fried eggs for an indulgent and delicious start to the day.

Day 3, Wednesday: 

Our Mother’s Day breakfast inspiration for day 3 is for those sweeter tooths; we love an oozy chocolate spread topped with toasted hazelnuts for extra crunch. This one is a family favourite all round and a messy but special breakfast in bed – a decadent start to any Sunday. You can purchase both the spread and bread in our Online Bakery! 

Day 4, Thursday: 

For those wanting something a bit different, treat your Mum to a silky nut butter with cranberry compote for an added sharp punch to cut through that rich nutty goodness. Add toasted almonds for extra decadence and delicious texture.

Day 5, Friday: 

For lunch inspiration, why not try this simple recipe for our fresh courgette, feta & lemon salad on our toasted ‘Eat Pray Loaf’.

For the courgette:

Mandolin or finely slice the courgette

Squeeze over the juice of a couple of limes, with a drizzle of Mas Amadeo Olive Oil

Add salt and pepper and let the courgette marinade briefly in the citrus

Top onto toasted sourdough and crumble over feta

Day 6, Saturday: 
Our final mothers day meal inspiration is another classic; grilled cheese & red onion, with some fresh herbs to finish & of course, a drizzle of our Mas Amadeo olive oil. If you can’t be with your mum this year, why not send her some recipe inspiration along with our sourdough bread?