Back September 29, 2022

Bread TLC: Tender Loaf & Care

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but we love bread. Like really love bread. And did you know that Sourdough bread lasts longer on the counter than bread made with commercial yeast? That’s because the natural leavens inside the dough repel the bacteria and prevent mould growth! But even the most natural of breads can go hard.

One age old bread challenge is stopping it from going stale. 

Fear not, we’ve assembled our review of the most common methods to store bread to make sure that you, whether you are a planner, an organiser or a fresh bread snob never have any stale bits of bread lying around.

1. For the planner: the freezer 

This is our recommended storage option, making sure that each and every slice of your bread is able to be enjoyed. A whole loaf of bread can be defrosted in around 20 mins and slices are super quick (which is why we offer sliced bread in freezer-friendly bags). Bread can stay in your freezer and enjoyed for around 2 months. 

NB: Bread left on the counter in a plastic bag will be home to a large community of mould in no time, so pop that bag in the freezer for longer-lasting enjoyment!

2. For the fresh bread lover: the bread bag

Bread bags (linen or cotton, anything breathable) can be great for stopping the moisture from settling in for a day or two but any longer than that you’ll still find your bread getting a little crispy. We’d only recommend this option if your household go through your bread quick. 

3. For the organiser: the bread bin

A bread bin can be a handy kitchen item as the humidity it creates can be great for the bread whilst enabling air flow but relatively air tight.  Be careful about overloading the bin as this will result in the humidity being too high. You can expect your bread to remain at it’s best for around 4-6 days in a bread bin.  

Overall if you want longevity and no compromise on quality from your bread, we’ll always shout about the freezer! Whatever you do, don’t put it in the fridge as this can result in it becoming stale much quicker than if it was left on the counter!