Back January 19, 2021

Bespoke Sourdough Bread Orders Ideal For Gifting

We now do bespoke orders, tailored to your requests to make your weekends a little bit brighter!

We recently collaborated with The Nette, a clean and sustainable candle company, providing blueberry sourdough loaves, which added a purple hue to each table spread. These mini loaves retained the richness in flavour that is prominent in each of our sourdough, with subtle hints of blueberry coming through.

We love experimenting with flavours and textures and can create a variety of different colours and flavours, from purple blueberry to orange turmeric and many more, depending on your preference.

The size is also entirely up to you: the loaves featured were 300g, however we can do larger depending on your occasion.

Each order also comes with customised gift tags and wrapping, so please get in touch for more info and quotes at: [email protected]