Back January 8, 2021

Bakery Add-On Of The Week

Since we’re all in need of a little indulgence this week, our bakery add-on is our ‘Loaf Child’, Sourdough Focaccia.

Like all our doughs, our focaccia is made using the finest flour with just a few ingredients; sourdough starter, organic stoneground flour, olive oil, water & salt. Kneaded with love and baked free-form, this loaf is one of our favourites due to its salty, aerated and moorish flavour and texture.

Each loaf weighs a wonderful 800g, ensuring there’s enough to get you through the week. For ultimate comfort, which is so needed at the moment, enjoy it for lunch or for a lazy dinner and treat it like your favourite pizza! Ladle on some marinara tomato sauce, a generous amount of your favourite cheese and any extra toppings of your choice, and grill for 5-10 minutes, until golden and crispy.

Too much to enjoy right away? Cut it in half and freezer the rest to enjoy later!

Head over to our online bakery to give it a try.