Back June 14, 2022

A Loaf Less Ordinary: Emily’s Journey To A Sourdough Life

Hello, I am Emily, founder of Good In Bread. I started Good In Bread in 2020 to join the rising Sourdough revolution. More concretely I wanted to give more Londoners easier access to extraordinary Sourdough bread via a weekly Sourdough subscription.

Having grown up in Brittany, France, where bread was at the centre of our daily lives, I believe there is nothing more vital and comforting than having fresh Sourdough bread available at all times in the home.

In early 2020, after having spent nine years in the music industry, I decided to take a career U-Turn to start the company and I attended Le Cordon Bleu School in London to obtain the Boulangerie diploma and become a Master Baker. In addition to the techniques and know-how I acquired, I immersed myself in the world of Sourdough bread and along the way, I discovered not only a multitude of complex flavours & aromas, but also its surprising benefits on our general health and digestive system. I began to notice the effects on my own body, feeling much less heavy after eating Sourdough than with the store-bought or yeasted equivalent. This key difference, I discovered, is due to the natural leavens as well as the slow fermentation used in the making of Sourdough, leading to lower gluten levels in the finished product than its industrial counterpart, which often uses other agents to bake bread at speed. I had no idea, did you?

Now getting your daily bread is easier, healthier more delicious than ever.

If you love what we do, shout about us to your bread-lover friends, mum, dad, uncles and aunties. Share the loaf! Because who doesn’t love good bread?!