Back April 22, 2021

We Celebrate Bread In All Its Glory With Bread Reimagined

Our Bread Reimagined is our way of honouring this timeless staple. Bread has been a part of British households for a long time, providing hearty and humble nourishment each mealtime for each generation. We’ve seen it develop from homemade, home-baked dough, to a factory produced convenience staple, available sliced or unsliced. Now more than ever we’re trying to connect the middle ground between good quality artisan bread that is also conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Our campaign is a throwback across the decades, a reminder of how bread has been a part of our daily lives for longer than we can remember. We believe that bread should be at the centre of our tables and daily lives; it is a timeless staple that has long been overlooked or underrated. Good quality sourdough bread however, that is made using organic ingredients and natural leavens etc, is more evergreen than ever because of its versatility, nutritiousness and longevity. This is a nod to one of our most loved staples in our most loved style!