Back September 24, 2020

Sourdough September Week #4

For us, Sourdough September has been all about celebrating the numerous benefits of Sourdough bread on our general health. This week, we draw your attention to the impact of Sourdough bread on blood sugar levels in our body. We asked our dear friend, naturopathic nutritionist & regular Loaf Of The Week subscriber Stephanie Chillaz to speak to this a bit more.

She says “Studies have shown that fermenting bread over a long period of time slows down the rate of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates which helps to moderate blood glucose response. The natural leaven found in Sourdough bread lowers the glycemic index of bread.

Why should you care about your blood sugar levels if you are not a diabetic?

Blood sugar control is at the core of good general and mental well-being, not just for people with diabetes but for everybody. This keeps our brains working properly, our energy levels in check and our moods stable. Disproportionate blood sugar spikes and crashes can lead to higher sugar cravings, irritability, anxiety, poor sleep, low energy and weight gain, as well as inflammatory conditions.

This is why we believe that the bread we eat every day is at the root of good physical & mental well being.”