Back September 17, 2020

Sourdough September Week #3

In Week 3 of Sourdough September we wanted to highlight a really important attribute of artisan sourdough bread, which is how it contains much less gluten than store-bought loaves. 

Whilst we love gluten and the bouncy texture it creates, this makes sourdough even better for those who are slightly intolerant!

Fun Fact:

Gluten is not necessarily bad for you when used in low quantities in the baking process, which is the case with artisan Sourdough. The fermentation magic of the natural leavens in Sourdough breaks apart the gluten network, making it easier to digest. It is the industrialisation of dough in the early 1900s, which has increased the presence of gluten in flour and sadly made lots of bread-lovers gluten-intolerant. 

It should be noted however, that whilst sourdough is better for those with mild intolerances, those with celiac disease should still not eat it as it still contains some gluten and may cause severe reactions.