Back May 15, 2020

It Must Be True Loaf

Loaf of The Week: The Crowd-Pleasing White Country ‘True Loaf’!

We are all about the crust and crumb and this Sourdough White Country loaf is exactly that. This family favourite is the classic white Sourdough loaf, featuring a soft, moist and open-textured crumb with a slight tang of sourness and that dark and crispy crust. It weighs a whopping 750g so it can last a family of 4 up to 3 days. It was handcrafted using artisan baking methods and the finest organic flours in order to achieve a full-flavoured bread that has been fermented using natural sourdough leavens and a long and cool fermentation. We like to think this gives the bread that unique flavour, aroma and texture. 

Ingredients (including allergens):

May contain traces of nuts and tree nuts. 

It’s a classic that never disappoints. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Weight: 750g.