Back May 4, 2022

Celebrating Asparagus Season With 3 Recipes On Sourdough Toast!

We love celebrating British seasonal vegetables. Join us as we celebrate Asparagus season this month!

And what better way to incorporate them into our diet than on a crunchy piece of Sourdough toast! We think it’s a great way to support local farmers AND reduce bread waste at home.

‘Asparagus On Toast’ Recipe 1:

We love them roasted in the oven, on a bed of creamy scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of chives & almond flakes on Sourdough toast.


‘Asparagus On Toast’ Recipe 2:

In this week’s Sourdough toast recipe, our seasonal asparagus get roasted in the oven again. But this time, we enjoy them on some smashed avocado, sweet garden peas, crumbled feta cheese and a dusting of sunflower seeds on toasted Sourdough toast for a nutritious and summery dish that’s done and dusted in a couple of easy steps.


‘Asparagus On Toast’ Recipe 3:

A nutritious & balanced brunch recipe for the whole family, made with seasonal asparagus, smoked salmon and poached eggs. It’s got the good stuff & the wow factor all in one toast-full! Dress it with a squeeze of lemon & a sprinkle of dill for the summery touch.