New Postcodes Added!

We're thrilled to continue to expand our delivery range! 

We now deliver to the following postcodes, including our most recent addition of a few Bristol post-codes! The most recently added are in bold:

North West North East South-East South-West West East-Central West-Central
NW1 N1 E1 SE1 SW1 W1 EC1 to EC4 WC1 to WC2


N2 E2 SE3 SW2 W2
NW3 N3


SE4 SW3 W3
NW5 N6 E5 SE5 SW4 W4
NW6 N7 E8 SE8 SW5 W5
NW8 N8 E9 SE10 SW6 W6
NW10 N15 E10 SE11 SW7 W8
NW11 N16 E11 SE13 SW8 W9
N19 E15 SE15 SW9 W10
N4 E17 SE16 SW10 W11
N5 E20 SE17 SW11 W12
SE21 SW12 W14
SE22 SW13
SE24 SW14
SE27 SW15
SE23 SW16
SE14 SW17


All of our deliveries are completed by bike or electric van, making them emission-free & 100% environmentally friendly! We aim to deliver the freshest Sourdough bread possible, direct from our ovens to your doorstep in an eco-friendly way. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more post-codes being added soon!