Back November 19, 2020

The Launch of our Fixed-Term Subscriptions

Today we are delighted to announce our Sourdough fixed-term subscriptions, which you can gift to someone special for either Three or Six months. 

Choose to gift it to the Sourdough bread lover in your life or treat yourself to three months or half a year of fresh Sourdough delivered straight to your doorstep! 

How does it work?

Choose to have your loaf delivered on either Tuesday or Friday.

Pay an upfront cost for your chosen length (3 or 6 months).

Sit back and wait to receive your fresh ‘Loaf Of The Week’ carefully selected by us each week, once a week! 

Check out our fixed-term Sourdough subscriptions!

Subscribe and save 20%
  • Our loaves are 100% natural using organic flour, natural leavens and long cool fermentation, which means they will have a longer shelf-life than other standard loaves. Plus our traditional long loaves are significantly larger than the standard size, so you’ll have plenty to last a few days.
  • Choose to have your loaf, or loaves, delivered either on Tuesdays or Fridays. Receive your bread sliced in a letterbox-compatible parcel or unsliced in a regular loaf-sized parcel or bag.
  • Choose our ‘Seedless Sourdough Subscription’ or ‘Gluten-Free’ Subscription in the dropdown if you prefer loaves without seeds or without gluten! 
  • Good Sourdough takes time. We can only accept new orders, changes or cancellations 48 hours before the next planned delivery date. So please place your orders before Sunday 9am for a Tuesday delivery and before Wednesday 9am for a Friday delivery.
Got dietary restrictions or food allergies? Drop us a note at and we will make sure you only receive Loaves of The Week you can enjoy.