6x Bagels - Once A Week
6x Bagels - Once A Week
6x Bagels - Once A Week
6x Bagels - Once A Week
6x Bagels - Once A Week

6x Bagels - Once A Week

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Receive 6X Sourdough Bagels of your choice straight to your doorstep! The perfect gift for yourself or someone you loaf.

Enter 50OFFSUB at checkout to get 50% off the first week of your subscription order. (Please note: Discount codes and special offers are only valid once per user. Orders can be cancelled if discount codes are used more than once.)

Choose when you want to receive the first delivery in the calendar. You can also write a little gift note to the lucky recipient once you get to the Shopping Cart page.

    • Receive 6X Sourdough Bagels, Once A Week, including contactless delivery. 
    • Choose among our different bundle options in the dropdown: Plain,  Plain & Cinnamon Raisin OR Plain & Seeded.
    • Choose to have your bagels delivered on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. 
    • Receive your bagels in a letterbox-compatible parcel.
    • Subscribers receive a free spread sample & a linen loaf bag with their first box + 20% off any add-on item in our Online Bakery.

    Our little rolls-with-a-hole have that distinctive taste, chewy texture and shiny crust, largely thanks to the way they were made, by which we mean boiled then baked! But our loaf cuffs are even more special because they have been made using a natural Sourdough starter and slow fermentation to give them that slightly sour tang in the finished product.


  • Sourdough starter (wheat flour & water)
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour (gluten)
  • Water
  • Salt
  • 0.1% yeast


May contain traces of peanuts and other tree nuts.

Approx. weight: 120g per bagel

Got dietary restrictions or food allergies? Drop us a note at hello@wearegoodinbread.com and we will make sure you only receive Loaves of The Week you can enjoy.