Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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These artichokes are harvested in the Spring months, when the mild Southern-Italian temperatures help the vegetable to grow vigorously and become meaty, tender and juicy. 

This producer cleans the artichokes with great care. In fact, in order to avoid the use of chemical-bleaching and in compliance with traditional recipes, the raw vegetable is cleaned by hand by removing all the green leaves until the yellow heart of the artichoke is reached, hence the light colour of this sublime product.

Lastly, the artichokes are boiled and preserved in jars with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced traditionally by the same farm. 

They will make your day on a warm slice of sourdough bread sprinkled with their own EVO Oil. Or in a sourdough sandwich, paired with some cheese and speck of bresaola.