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This is our ‘Pair of Loavers’ bundle, featuring 2 of our most popular loaves:

– The decadent & delicious ‘loaf handles’ brioche

– The morish & hearty multigrain ‘loaf at first sight’

Both loaves were handcrafted using 100% Sourdough artisan bread-making methods, organic flour, a long and cold fermentation, all coming together to bring out that distinct Sourdough aroma and a noticeably longer shelf life.

They are the perfect breakfast or brunch pairing! While the multigrain appeals more to the adults in the house, the brioche’s soft and and very slightly sweet crumb, appeals to the big and little ones alike!

Get a free spread sample with your purchase. This is the perfect treat for someone you loaf or for yourself.

Multigrain ingredients
Brioche ingredients

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