• What are the benefits of subscribing? Become a subscriber and each week, we will send you our 'Loaf of the Week', chosen by us. Receive it sliced through your letterbox or unsliced in a loaf-sized parcel all through contactless free delivery.
    • How do subscriptions work? 
      • Weekly subscription: Our subscription programme is a weekly delivery service, bringing you the freshest Sourdough bread once a week or twice a week straight to your doorstep.
      • Delivery days: Our delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays. You can order your loaf (or loaves) up to 48 (business) hours before your intended delivery upon which you will be charged for the upcoming order.
      • Flexible options: you can pause or amend your order up to 48 hours in advance. You can choose to receive a loaf (or a few!) once a week or twice a week. You can add a new loaf to your existing order or even cancel your order on the go. 
      • Sliced or unsliced: We can deliver your loaf pre-sliced & ready for the freezer in a letterbox-compatible parcel (you don’t have to be home). Or if you prefer to slice it yourself, it’ll arrive in a regular loaf-sized box and so you can enjoy your loaf for 3 to 4 days without freezing.
    • What are your payment methods? You can pay for your loaves and spreads with a credit card or debit card with the Visa, Mastercard or American Express logos. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept Paypal.
    • Can I choose the loaf(ves) I want? Yes. If you have dietary restrictions, allergies or simply prefer one loaf variety to be delivered every week, you can drop us a line at hello@wearegoodinbread.com to make a special request. You can do this 48 business hours before your next intended delivery in Manage My Subscriptions. You can also select any bread of your choice in our Online Bakery, but delivery isn't free of charge for orders under £15.
    • How do I update the email address on my account? You can do this in Manage My Account.
    • When will I be charged for my subscription? For the Once A Week plan: you will be charged on Sunday 9am for a Tuesday delivery and Wednesday 9am for a Friday delivery. For the Twice A Week plan: you will be charged on the Saturday 9am before the upcoming week's deliveries.
    • Do the loaves need to come every week? Most people like their loaves delivered weekly because it means they've always got fresh and yummy bread at home. However, you can get deliveries as rarely or as frequently as you like by skipping your subscription at least 48 (business) hours before your next delivery is due. For Once a Week plans, this means Sunday 9am for a Tuesday delivery and Wednesday 9am for a Friday delivery.
    • Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes, please contact hello@wearegoodinbread.com or you can do this in 'Manage Subscription'. You can cancel your subscription up to 2 days before your next delivery is due.
  • Can I swap delivery days within subscription? If you'd like to switch your delivery date or subscribe to a different plan, please cancel your subscription in Manage My Subscriptions, under 'View details', and order a new one.
  • I've moved, how do I change my address? You can do this in Manage My Account.


  • When do you deliver? We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Do you deliver on bank holidays? We deliver on all bank holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday. Orders placed on those days will be skipped (or refunded if you have a Twice a Week subscription) accordingly.
  • What time will I receive my order? We aim to have all of our deliveries complete by 6:30pm every day.
  • Will the box fit through my letterbox? If you have a standard size letterbox and are a central London customer, our boxes may fit through your letterbox. If it doesn't, don't worry - when you order, we'll ask you for a safe spot where we can leave your box in the event we can't post it through your letterbox. 
  • What is the delivery fee? We charge a small fee of £2.50 for orders under £15. We are happy to provide free delivery on all orders over £15 and subscribers receive free delivery.
  • Can I send my order to a different address? If you want to do this as a one-off you will need to update your delivery address in your account before 9am the day before your upcoming delivery but remember to switch it back for your next one.
  • Can I cancel or amend my order? We require at least 48 hours notice in order to cancel or amend an order. Please email us at hello@wearegoodinbread.com if you have any questions.
  • Do I have to be in when you deliver? 
    If you state your safe place in the delivery instructions box at checkout, (this could be a neighbour, a front porch, or in-between your bins), then you should have nothing to worry about. If you live in an apartment block and don't feel comfortable with it being left in the entranceway, then please state this in the instructions box and give an alternative safe place. 


  • What materials do you use in your packaging? We use 100% recyclable and bio-degradable materials in our packaging. We use recyclable cardboard for our shipping boxes. 
  • Do you use plastic in your packaging? We use 100% bio-degradable "plastic" for our freezer-friendly slice pouches. This means that once their shelf life has passed, these bags will first degrade and then biodegrade into environmentally-benign matter within just months or years, rather than decades or centuries. 
  • How can I recycle my Good In Bread packaging? All you need to do is dispose of it in an appropriate recycling bin. We collect old boxes in certain postcodes. Please ask your courier if your postcode is included.


Our loaves are made using 100% natural ingredients and organic flours, as well as artisan baking methods to achieve a superior quality Sourdough bread that is good for you, easier to digest and has a longer shelf-life than its industrial counterparts.

The pricing for our loaves in our Online Bakery is a reflection of a) the quality of our loaves and b) their size. Our Sourdough loaves weigh between 700 and 850g, which is on average 1/3 larger than the standard store-bought loaf.


Discount codes and special offers are only valid once per user. Orders can be cancelled if discount codes are used more than once.


  • Pre-sliced bread: On Day 1, your bread will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but when bread is sliced it gets exposed to air, so we recommend immediate freezing to make the freshness last even longer
  • Freezing: If you don't plan on eating all the slices right away, we have made it easy for you to freeze the remaining slices in the freezer-safe bags provided.
  • Unfreezing: Unfreeze your bread the night before or a few hours before you intend to eat it. Enjoy it as is or toasted.
  • Unsliced bread: Your loaf can keep well for 3-4 days unfrozen. For longer-lasting freshness, store your bread at room temperature in a sealed kraft or grip-seal bag.


  • We offer a "gluten-conscious" loaf called the Well-Bread. Our gluten-conscious loaf is made from gluten-free ingredients, however it has been made in the same facilities as our other loaves, which do contain gluten. 


  • Our bread comes from our wonderful and trusted wholesale supplier, Sciascia Storey, whose bakehouse is located in North West London.


  • Please contact hello@wearegoodinbread.com.