Organic Sour Cherry Jam

Organic Sour Cherry Jam

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Brought to you by our friends at Puglia Partners straight from the fields of Puglia, Italy, this artisan product of high quality was made using traditional methods and ingredients cultivated exclusively on the producer’s own fields. This Sour Cherry Jam is 100% artisan-made in Puglia!

The fruits are handpicked and therefore remain undamaged during their harvest. The process of transformation into jam begins within 12 hours from harvesting. Fruits and a small amount of sugar will be thickened over a very low heat to create a deeply aromatic flavour.

Absolutely NO chemical thickeners (e.g.: Pectin).

This very special one-of-a-kind jam pairs beautifully with a warm slice of Sourdough bread & salted butter. 

Weight: 225g