Fillet O' Fish With 'Loaf Handles' Brioche Burger Buns

This is a family favourite and a really fun recipe to get the kids involved with! We love showing them how easy it is to breadcrumb the fish and its much healthier than the store-brought ones; this way you can help ensure the fish is as fresh as possible.

We love this as an easy mid-week meal or for a Saturday lunchtime. 


  • 2 Fillets of Fish – Your Choice Salmon/White Fish
  • Flour -  2 Eggs - Breadcrumbs
  • Butter (to fry the fish)
  • Mayo for the Tartare
  • 1 Tsp Each of Chopped Capers & Gherkins
  • Chopped Onion & a Sprinkle of Chopped Parsley too

  • 2 Good in Bread Brioche Buns

Bread the fish by dipping it in flour, eggs & then breadcrumbs

Heat up a saucepan with a general slab of butter and once it is hot, pan fry the breadcrumbed fillets for 4 minutes each side.

Mix together the mayo with the chopped capers, gherkins, onion & parsley.

Toast the buns & fill with the Fried Fish & Fresh Tartare. Enjoy!